8 Exciting Beats To Choreograph To

There is so much good music released every now and then that it can get a little overwhelming to pick a song to dance to/choreograph next for every dancer. With a different song topping the charts every second day, the line that separates good music and one’s taste can become thinner and thinner.

We’re here to help you pick after a lot of shortlisting - 8 songs that could be inspiring to choreograph to. These include a mix of genres and artists, from Indian classical or pop rising. There’s music for when you feel pumped, when you feel low, or when you’d just like to go with the flow.

1. 'Hallucinate' - Dua Lipa

The female music goddess for today’s generation, Dua Lipa releases a pop hit that hits the charts almost every week! (Yes, that’s an exaggeration but only because it really does feel like that!) Her new hit ‘Hallucinate’ will get you out of your couch and dancing in less than a minute!

2. 'Money' - Lisa

This song is ultimately known for its beats and all the right moves made by Lisa herself in the official video. If you like the taste of your money and don’t mind being swayed by the choreography of this video/song, you will definitely enjoy dancing to this K-pop hit.

3. 'Ragam Simmendramadhyamam' - from Flame of the Forest by Anil Srinivasan, Chitravina Ravikiran and BS Purushotham

There are songs that make you want to get out of bed and some just want to make you shut the door, turn off the lights and feel the music. This one is definitely the latter. The beats strum all the right chords in you which ultimately makes you feel alive from your fingertips to your toes!

4. 'Have Mercy' - Chloe

If there’s any amount of sass in you, we are sure this song has got to get it out of you! The lyrics, the drop and the vibe of ‘Have Mercy’ will most definitely not have mercy on your sassy self and will give your ego just the boost it needs to take your choreography from good to powerful.

5. 'Nana Triste' - Natalia Lacunza

No list is complete without a Spanish song on it, is it? 'Nana Triste', literally translated to ‘Sad girl’ is a slow song with a pleasant tune in the background played by Guitarricadelafuente. Listen to the music and let yourself be carried away with it, you most likely will come out of it with the choreography flowing through you.

6. 'Easy on me' - Adele

Known for her  powerful voice, Adele does not leave any opportunity to hit the high notes that she is known for, in any of her songs. Her voice is the kind that makes you want to move, sway, scream, cry and groove. Those are a lot of contradictory adjectives yes, but that’s just the magic that Adele holds. Don't you agree?  

7. 'Love Again' - Dua Lipa

Slowly making its way up the Billboard hot 100, ‘Love Again’ is yet another pop rising song by Dua Lipa that will get you grooving a considerable amount. With its upbeat vibe, it is most definitely not a song you can sit and work to.

8. 'I am not a woman, I'm a god' - Halsey

Halsey has always made music that inspires and empowers women. ‘I am not a woman, I’m a god’ pretty much strings the same chords in order to develop a sense of power and passion in a woman while listing out all that we go through as human beings. This song will get you to listen to that voice inside which you keep shutting out. Hear it, feel it, dance it out.

Editorial Desk

Editorial Desk