Fashion Trends Popularised By Dance

Current fashion trends are all about comfort and simplicity, with a little bit of throwback to the 90s and all of these can be used for western styles of dance. Read on to see how you can make the most of your wardrobe at home, whether it is for a performance, a video, photoshoot or simply to dress up like a dancer!

  1. Waist tie-around shirts / jackets

One of the most classic and popular trends has been the waist tie-around trend. Tracing back to the beginning of hip-hop culture, it has made its rightfully deserving place in the dance industry. So much so that when we see someone tie a shirt or a jacket around their waist we automatically assume they must be a dancer!

2. Utility Pants

Utility pants, also known as cargo pants, were first worn in 1938 by British military personnel. Cargo pants provided storage and easy access to gear and hence were of great convenience to the military. Cargo pants made their way onto the fashion scene in the mid-to-late 1990s. They were worn as fashion statements by urban hip-hop performers in the 1990s. This trend flowed up to the mass market and made their way into every retail store. However the history of these pants may have turned out, we’re just glad to have our hands on it, aren’t we?

3. Oversized EVERYTHING

Not really sure of where this trend may have originated from but our best guess would be - borrowing our older brother’s clothes, agree? Every time you think of a comfy/casual t-shirt, isn’t an oversized t-shirt the first thing that comes to your mind? Comfort in clothing has become a priority for everyone today. This trend caters to just what we are looking for! Oversized/baggy clothes with some cool sneakers honestly serves as an all-season saviour outfit, now and forever! Which is why this trend is now not only for dancers but is one that can be worn anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Although you have to be willing to show at least 1% of the sass that you feel when you walk past a mirror!

4. Bust-cut cropped jackets/tops (For women)

In the generation of ‘ripped everything’, it’s not surprising that this cropped hoodie/jacket trend has made a place for itself. Do you have any old hoodies, jackets, sweaters or t-shirts lying around at home that you don’t know what to do with? Get hold of a pair of scissors! You can now turn any top into a cropped top and pair it with some colourful camisoles or bold statement bras and voila! You have your very own hip hop outfit and it’s not even necessary for you to be a dancer for it!

5. Co-ord sets

This fashion statement trend has made its way into every industry! This is possible only because Co-ords are by far the best, most convenient and fashionable trend that have made their place in the world. Co-ords are available in literally any and every style, design, shape or form! Be it in athleisure, sleepwear/loungewear, formal wear/blazers or casuals, there are options for everything! They can be styled/matched with each other and also work with any other item from your closet - which simply means there’s no need to stress about what to wear in the morning. Co-ords are simplicity at its best!

6. Bucket hats

Also called a fisherman’s hat, this simple accessory has been dominating 2021! These hats were first seen in the 1940s and became incredibly popular in the 1990s among men, especially with the development of western street styles of dance. Now, they are back in style, only this time for both men and women. These unisex, laidback hats can be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. You can choose from a range of prints (or lack thereof) from animal prints to simple singular designs in any colour that you like.

Editorial Desk

Editorial Desk