New Beginnings: With Romaan

Romaan is a budding musician, who was born in India and currently based in Bahrain. He believes he has a good ear for music and he is passionate about making music – the kind where one relates to where it’s coming from. He started writing and composing music in 2019 starting with Hip-Hop and now shifting his focus to producing R&B, Lo-Fi music. We asked Romaan about his experience as a beginner and the process behind making his very first music video. Read on further to learn more about what Romaan has to say to amateurs like him who are just stepping into this overwhelming industry and why he believes one should follow their heart.

  • What has your journey been like while wanting to make a career in music?

I’ve always been into music but the idea of creating music struck me when I was about 15/16 years old. A few years later I wrote my first few songs and just left it in my notes hoping that I would record it someday, somehow. In the meantime, I was practising playing the guitar, writing songs, getting familiar with the digital audio workstation and just learning. After a year of this process, I met a really talented musician whom I pitched my ideas to and made him listen to the demo that I made. Post this, he was interested to collaborate with me and so we started recording and made a song, which is also the first ever song I have released, called ‘Have It All’. This whole process was fun, and I was excited but nervous at the same time as it was my first ever song and I did not know what kind of a reaction I was going to get. However, I’m actually proud of it as it is the first step that I took towards doing what I’ve always wanted to do.

  • What was your process for making your first music video? From concept to execution. 

For my first ever music video ‘I don’t wanna lose my mind’, I didn’t really have a specific story to tell through the video, I  wanted it to be me in a casual setting, just driving. Since it’s a chill song, it didn’t really have any specific story to tell. So I called two of my good friends who are extremely talented photographers and videographers, and I explained the idea to them. The next day itself we started shooting. It went very smoothly while they recorded me driving around, sitting in cafes, walking on the streets or chilling by the beach and so it felt like we were just hanging out. All of this was shot on an iPhone so that was something really different and exciting when we saw the results that we got. The next part was editing the footage which was also quite exciting as we were just experimenting and playing around with the edits, the cuts and the shots that we had recorded.

We created a teaser and the final music video, which I was really nervous about posting at first, but once it was out I was thrilled by the response that I had received. Everyone asking me how and when I started making music along with giving the teaser so much of attention got me really hyped for the video. On the day of the music video release I was over the moon with the kind of response I had received. The amount of people watching the video and messaging me, telling me what they thought, was really exciting and motivating.

  • What’s next for you in your music journey, could you tell us about your future goals?

Just like everyone else I have a plan and a strategy for how I’m supposed to grow in this field. For now, the plan is to just create content and keep posting, making as many songs as I can, collaborate with as many people as I can. Maybe, push my songs into short films or wherever possible and just make a name, a base for now. So that is what I am working on, let’s see where that takes me.

  • Are there any tips/points you’d like to share with budding artists like yourself that you may have learnt along the way?

“Don’t stop” is what I’d like to say to anyone who is either just beginning or thinking of starting or someone who doesn’t know what they want from life later on. I’d suggest that one should go on and do whatever they feel like doing in the moment. If one thing is not working out or you think you’re not ready enough to start something, you should work on it side by side and maybe do something else for the time being related to the same goal or so. The point is to keep doing something, because we will only learn from what we do and are bound to learn and grow through it all. So yes I’d just like to say don’t stop, just do what you want to.

Editorial Desk

Editorial Desk