On The Loose

Anjana Ghonasgi

On March 6th 2022 Kaleidoculture Magazine teamed up with All Things Studio to curate a unique one-day event in honour of Women’s Day called ‘On The Loose’. A portion of the proceeds from the event were donated to Rescue Foundation. Co-founded by Triveni Acharya, the aim of Rescue Foundation is to save women and girls from sex trafficking and forced prostitution.

The day began with dance workshops conducted by Afia Modak, Trishita Sengupta, and Mekhola Bose. The vibrant energy carried into our theme-based performance night with an incredible line-up of performers varying from dancers and musicians to actors and spoken word poetry artists.

A huge shoutout to our teachers and performers:

(L to R) Afia Modak, Mekhola Bose, Trishita Sengupta
Sanju Shibu
Neha Mirajkar and students
Shaunak Punde
Sasha Shetty
Nathanael Mookhtiar
Kian Gupta
Trichia Grace-Ann Rebello
DJ Rayska
Special thanks to Red Bull India

It was indeed a night to remember with people coming together to celebrate womanhood, gender equality, and contributing to a worthwhile cause.

Click here to watch the after-movie made by Meghna Bhalla!

Thank you to our brand partners:

Teachers’ hampers - Basic Humanity 101, Simba’s Kitchen, Amorem

Performers' Hampers - Sui-Cura Artisans, Oneway, Work De Art, Emblaze Theorie, Rashi Shah.

On The Loose was produced by Vidula Bhave and Aamna Mishra (founder, All Things Studio)

Our events team at Kaleidoculture Magazine:

  • Founder and CEO - Vidula Bhave
  • Performance Night Curated by - Anjana Ghonasgi
  • Light and Sound for Performance Night - Anjana Ghonasgi, Yashi Bhatted, Kaanchana Khadatkar, Kunal Gouda
  • Sponsors Team - Vidula Bhave, Kunal Gouda, Japika Kaur, Aashna Aggarwal, Dhriti Jadhav
  • Coordination Team - Karishma Pandit, Vidula Bhave
  • Artist Management Team - Vidula Bhave, Anjana Ghonasgi, Dhriti Jadhav
  • Social Media Team - Danielle Pereira, Vidula Bhave, Aashna Aggarwal
Editorial Desk

Editorial Desk