On The Move!

Come celebrate International Dance Day with us! We've got two super exciting events lined up at Doolally Taproom, Khar West, Mumbai.

27th April, 2022: You've Got Game!

A fun dance-centric game night curated for anyone who loves to move! We start with The Memory Game, Take it Home!, move to Bingo, Trivia, Dance Charades, and we end with Dancing Statues!

28th April, 2022: #WhereToGo in collaboration with The Artist Inside You. The idea of this event is to create as many opportunities as possible for artists. We're bringing leaders in the industry in the same room with those looking to join their teams and giving them room to collaborate with each other. This mixer is targeted towards helping dancers find solutions.

Here are the panelists for #WhereToGo

We also have some fun stalls to add to the celebration!

You can get in touch with us at 9833701867 or DM us on instagram to register!