A contemporary dance  and creation intensive with Sarah Elsworth, Prashant More and Somya Kautia.

About the event

Join movement artists Prashant, Sarah and Somya as they share morning technique class, their artistic strategies, and latest choreographic containers. Be ready to be led through a collaborative creation process to create dance and perform. The intensive will end on Saturday evening with an open sharing of the work created together throughout the week.

Prior training in a movement discipline and/or theatre is required, along with a willingness to experiment, collaborate, and expand one’s creativity.


All things studio, 607 - Aston Building, Lokhandwala Circle, above Mercedes Showroom, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

Starts at :16th May 2023

Ends at : 20th May 2023

Registration link:

The deadline for registration is 12th May 2023.

Our vision:

We believe that collaboration creates a very supportive environment, not only for students but also for teachers. It allows us to propel our ideas into a dynamic space and expand our research/practice together. Ideas and thoughts can develop and grow beyond what we can individually imagine. This process is the most thrilling and exciting for us all.

We also feel many amazing dancers and creators with substantial prior training find it an arduous task to gather the resources, grants, money, space, and time to create performances in India.

We are interested in performances occurring in non-conventional spaces and nature, with more ease and spontaneity for creative practice to keep evolving. Through our intensive Performance Lab, we want to offer time, space, and support for new ideas to spark and reach performance outlets. Performance Lab combines physical training with co-creation and creative strategies to nurture a new wave of collaborations and innovative performance. With experienced practitioners coming together, we can work and offer challenges at a different level as everyone has some understanding/practice of embodiment.

As a performer and choreographer, I learn the most during the act of being ‘witnessed’ by audiences and/or colleagues whilst co-creating. It is at this sharing stage of the creative process that the ideas become anchored in physical reality. I get deeper insights into the work and feel the most alive and connected.

Movement, to me, is inherently communal and equally a social encounter. Collaboration is a vital part of building community.

In Contemporary dance training, I feel the need to share and highlight the different practices that have gone through critical research and evolved out of consistent practice and experimentation.

Tapping into an unknown space while moving and developing from one's own attention and presence really speaks to me.

Prashant More
The idea behind the performance lab is to introduce your research module to the participants and create a performance. Learning never stops in such collaborations (with teachers and students) where we come from different cultures, understandings, and perspectives; it just creates a space to dive in more.

Somya Kautia
Prashant More
Sarah Elsworth
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Editorial Desk