4. Artists Among Us

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Touching The Skies with Krishna Perla

We spoke to Krishna Perla about his journey from being a dancer to becoming a videographer/cinematographer professionally. Read further to gain his insights on how opportunities should not be taken advantage of.

Creating the Spotlight With B Charles

B Charles is a multi-faceted theatre technician based in Chennai, India, who is equally adept at lighting design, sound, sets, stage and event management. He is a META-nominee lighting designer, with a decade

Meet Srishti - by Akar

Nine dancers spread across eight cities and five countries – Meet Srishti. An initiative that is the brainchild of Meghna Das (Akar Productions). Art is truly what is helping us all get through the

Artists In The Spotlight

Here’s Edition 2 of Kaleidoculture Magazine’s top 5 favourite artists that you should definitely check out! 1. Chaandni RMW: I am a playback singer and a performing artiste. I have been