Artists Among Us

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Where movement finds its voice

@thestage.official Friday, 07 October 2022 In a world where artists are encouraged and rewarded to create for an algorithm, where musical masterpieces are reduced to 10 seconds, where the joy of dance

Touching The Skies with Krishna Perla

We spoke to Krishna Perla about his journey from being a dancer to becoming a videographer/cinematographer professionally. Read further to gain his insights on how opportunities should not be taken advantage of.

Creating the Spotlight With B Charles

B Charles is a multi-faceted theatre technician based in Chennai, India, who is equally adept at lighting design, sound, sets, stage and event management. He is a META-nominee lighting designer, with a decade

Meet Srishti - by Akar

Nine dancers spread across eight cities and five countries – Meet Srishti. An initiative that is the brainchild of Meghna Das (Akar Productions). Art is truly what is helping us all get through the