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Unwind with Varsha: Part IX

Week 9: Importance of Yoga for Performing Artists While yoga can be defined in many ways, it is important to realize that yoga is not just for the physical body to stretch or

Unwind with Varsha: Part VIII

Week 8: How to boost flexibility Flexibility is important for fitness, mobility and posture, among other things. However, it is equally important to not push yourself, especially in order to reach a level

Unwind with Varsha: Part VII

Week 7: Power of patience It is safe to say that until Covid-19 made its entry into our lives, all of us had one simple mantra – to be ‘fast’. The faster it was,

Unwind with Varsha: Part VI

Week 6: How to deal with your energy levels Last week we saw that we are simply energy in motion, with full control of our energy levels – if we consciously wish to be.

Unwind with Varsha: Part V

Week5: Emotions = Energy in Motion Emotion is what you get when you put energy and motion together. In simple terms, all the emotions we experience are energy. If you then take a look