The Beginning

An event by Omniverse

What is Omniverse?

Omniverse is a future generation AI art exhibit. It fuses art with a variety of media experiences including architecture, sculpture, painting, dance, photography, video production, cross-reality (AR/VR/MR), music, audio engineering, narrative writing, costuming, performance, and more.

What to expect

Expect some jaw dropping exhibits at Omiverse's first event 'The Beginning' as they take a bold step towards exploring future technology in the spectrum of art and dance. They might alter your reality for short while and help you manoeuvre your way through different portals, too. If you’re wondering how - you know where to show up this Sunday! Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage”, and founder/director Shifu Ash and creative director Aric Master took this literally. Come witness this new version of ‘stage’. If you’re looking to stimulate your mind and get out of the mundane, this is the place to be. A new world for all kinds of artists, tech geeks and a whole lot of inspiration to take back. It's going to be a baffling but fun, immersive, and unique ride as you embark upon different journeys at Omniverse.

Event Details:

Date: 13th November, 2022

Time: 11am - 8pm

Location: Veda Live at Veda Factory, Versova

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Editorial Desk

Editorial Desk