Unwind with Varsha - Part II

Week 2: Are you experiencing stress from being under-productive?

One year ago, no one could have predicted what would in store for this planet, and here we are today facing a year-long (and continuing) pandemic. So it’s safe to say that we are living in times of high uncertainty. 

As humans, we are born with the fight or flight instinct. Especially now with Covid posing a 24/7 threat, it is only natural that the bodily systems are trying to work to survive in this environment using that instinct. Coping with all the baggage that comes with covid and its uncertainties is bound to cause unprecedented stress that could affect your workload and productivity levels that you once sustained pre-pandemic. 

With the changes that have taken place externally during covid, it is evident that the ‘rules’ from pre-covid times have changed, making it necessary for us to also take steps to adapt to this new normal.

Although we are living in a time of inevitable stress, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should let it consume us. Instead, it is important to acknowledge that we will have to face these mental, physical, and energy roadblocks along the way, and also take that leap into learning how to manage these blocks. 

Stress from being under-productive

Even the smallest amount of stress can affect your productivity. Research shows that a normal brain has 70,000 thoughts a day, but a stressed out brain processes 2-3 times that amount, resulting in low productivity that stems from spending time trying to manage those countless thoughts. [1]

This stress can have various effects, not only on the Physical body and mental body, but also the energy body – the Chakras, which we spoke about in last week’s column.


Effect on Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the energy center connected to the bladder, kidneys and reproductive organs. It awakens the power of creation and arises from a state of passion. Connected to our emotional well-being, the sacral chakra is activated by pleasure and plays an active role in our sexuality and how we express our emotional needs and desires.

Considering the sudden turn of events that have occurred over the past year, it is only normal that there could be an imbalance in the sacral chakra.

Suddenly having to be confined and working from home, not being able to express ourselves as freely as we used to, lack of daily human interaction and possibly a lack of physical connection are all triggers that could imbalance the chakra. 

The imbalance of the Sacral chakra might drain your emotional and physical strength because of trying to fight or run away from the changes taking place, and this could also cause disconnection with work, career, relationships, and especially the ability to be productive. These effects of imbalance could block your creative channel from flowing smoothly. 

Just being aware of these connections is already a big first step to making mindful changes to balance out the energy in that chakra. 

How do you  balance the Sacral chakra? 

The Sacral is associated with the element Water. Take time to connect with water, such as rivers, lakes and fountains. Even taking warm showers from time to time can help regulate emotions. 

Affirmations to repeat to yourself every morning: 

#1 I deserve to enjoy life 

#2 I am grateful for the joy of being me

#3 I allow creative energy to freely flow within me 

Keeping Crystals in your work/personal space – crystals hold a lot of vibrational energy that can be transmitted to us, and these are directly associated to the Sacral chakra.

Practicing these Yoga asanas: 

Bound Angle Pose / Baddha Konasana

Triangle Pose / Trikonasana 

Crow Pose / Kakasana

I hope this helps bring balance and alleviate stress from this source. See you all next week!

Editorial Desk

Editorial Desk