Unwind with Varsha: Part V

Week5: Emotions = Energy in Motion

Emotion is what you get when you put energy and motion together. In simple terms, all the emotions we experience are energy. If you then take a look at it from a wider angle, EVERYTHING is energy; it forms, transforms, moves, has a frequency and is constantly changing – just like our emotions.

This energy that we are made up of, also varies in scale, from moment to moment – the higher the frequency, the higher energy levels and vice versa. We are part of a beautifully designed system where we all are just different forms and levels of energy.

What we call our ‘body’ is just a bunch of energy producing particles that are constantly working together. We experience positive emotions when we are at a high frequency in our personal energy field. An example of a very high frequency emotion is Love. On the other side of the scale, lies the low frequency emotions such as Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Guilt.

There will be times where it is easy to fall into a victim mindset believing that there is an unlucky spell on us, which in turn makes it easy to fall prey to stress that consumes us externally and internally. But, what we are actually doing is dealing with these experiences that we, ourselves, consciously or subconsciously have attracted. Our energy field is like a magnet and we constantly get what we emit.

Have you ever woken up some days feeling very low on energy? Or felt that your energy has been stuck in the same zone for too long?

We can now connect the energy drop leading to a drop in frequency due to an emotion that is on the low frequency scale – possibly anxious thoughts that could trigger stress. And as we know from the previous columns, stress can completely mess with the rhythm of the body. 

A beautiful thing about understanding emotions as energy in motion is that it constantly has to be in motion. There should be no point where you are stuck in the same emotion for too long because it will block the motion. Feeling stuck emotionally could lead to you feeling stuck with productivity, creativity, expression or relationships. 

How to recognise your energy/frequency levels?

We can easily pick up energy if we take a moment to find that connection with our awareness. So, take a look around and inside – what do you see?

  • How are your surroundings decorated?
  • What did you just eat or drink?
  • Who do you surround yourself with?
  • What type of music do you listen to?

A small personal example is when my room or work space is cluttered, my frequency will be vibrating at a level where even my internal state will be cluttered. If we observe long enough, we can see that our inner state is what shapes our external world. 

As beings of nature, we have the ability to feel energy all the time. But to do that, we need to be sensitive to the subtle nuances.

Although subtle, the realm of energy is highly powerful. We may not be able to see it, but just like love, it can be felt. 

Here is a small task for you to do this week:

Be aware of the choices you make, the food you eat, the people you surround yourself with, the music you’re vibing to, and try to observe:

(1) What emotion is attached to your choices 

(2) Where it would go on a scale of high – low frequency 

Creating this awareness is already a big first leap into being the boss of your energy levels. So keep this task ready in your mind when you tune in next Sunday to find out the different tools to keep your energy levels vibing at a constant high!

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